Terry Enns

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A lifetime resident of the Fraser Valley and a credit union member since childhood, Terry's involvement as a leader within the credit union system dates back to 1980 when he was first elected as a director at Clearbrook Credit Union. Since then, Terry has held numerous positions on credit union boards and has dedicated more than 36 years of service to First West Credit Union and its predecessors, serving on numerous provincial and national industry boards.

Inducted into the Canadian Credit Union Association's (CCUA) Hall of Fame in 2017, Terry has served for nearly four decades and his leadership and vision have been critical to shaping First West Credit Union into what it is today. Moreover, his strategic vision and leadership was essential in guiding First West, Central 1 and other credit unions and centrals through major changes, transitions and mergers and helping these organizations navigate the changing landscape of the credit union system.

Terry inspires and motivates those around him and has a strong commitment to contribute and to serve his community. His strategic vision, leadership abilities and deep knowledge of the cooperative movement in Canada has been essential to the success and effectiveness of the many boards and commitees he's served on. Widely viewed as an innovator and thought leader within the credit union system, Terry's strength was in the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the system as a whole.

A vision caster, an innovator and a thought leader. This, combined with Terry's unwavering commitment to the credit union system and its people, and his proven results and contributions to the industry, is ultimately what makes him an outstanding inductee for the First West Credit Union Leaders Fund.  

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