14 Envision Financial charities share in $18K

Double digit charities are discovering some happy mail in their mailboxes as the annual Envision Financial Employees' Endowment grants were awarded earlier this month. This year we are thrilled to announce $18,000 is being shared amoung 14 charities in the Envision Financial region.

These are surprise grants with no application, only a staff nomination. Charities do not even know they are receiving funds until they get the letter and cheque in the mail!

How does that happen, you ask?

Well, Envision Financial staff nominated charities in September and a volunteer staff committee chose the recipients. Supporting charities in the Envision region since 2009, this unique fund grows through employee donations and has distributed $181,400 through 125 grants…and counting! 

Congratulations to our 2023 Envision Financial Employees’ Endowment recipients