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21 Dec

Winter granting delivers additional $190,198 to First West Communities

We’re thrilled to share an additional $190,198 and 22 grants are landing in charity mailboxes this holiday season. The First West Foundation board approved these unrestricted grants earlier this month, as we continue to embrace trust-based philanthropy in granting. 

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23 Oct

14 Envision Financial charities share in $18K

Double digit charities are discovering some happy mail in their mailboxes as the annual Envision Financial Employees' Endowment grants were awarded earlier this month. This year we are thrilled to announce $18,000 is being shared amoung 14 charities in the Envision Financial region.

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01 Jun

$795K set to land with 56 different charities across BC

First West Foundation is delighted to announce our regional community endowment grants for 2023. This year 56 charities are sharing in $795,000!

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11 Jan

Envision Employees' Endowment surprises 14 charities with a grant

A record number of charities received an Envision Financial Employees’ Endowment grant, housed with the First West Foundation earlier this year. The charities didn’t even know they were receiving funds, until the letter and cheque arrived in the mail. 

Wonder how that happens? 

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