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Agency Endowment Funds are created by charities to provide an ongoing source of revenue.


Why build an Agency Fund?

  • It’s an attractive vehicle for your donors to leave a lasting gift through their will.
  • The Foundation looks after the administration and investment of your fund.
  • Establishing an endowment fund provides donors with the knowledge that your organization is working on a sustainable funding solution.

How it works:

  • Your board of directors decide how much the organization would like to invest long term. The funds can either come from current reserves,  an appeal to donors to establish the fund, or by earmarking a percentage of your regular fundraising activities toward the fund.
  • Your organization works with the Foundation to complete a fund agreement.
  • The Foundation sets up an Agency Fund in your organization’s name and invests the capital.
  • Earnings from the fund are distributed back to your organization annually, helping you do your good work in the community.
  • The Foundation provides your organization with regular fund statements.
  • Your organization and your donors can add to the fund at any time and with any amount.
  • The Foundation handles all the administrative details – including investment management – so your organization can focus on its mission.

Here's more information on agency funds at the First West Foundation.


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