Why I Give: Because I believe in making things better for future generations

By Vicki Morgan

I’ve been contributing to charitable causes for over 20 years. As a 10-year employee with Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union, I make the majority of my donations through the Employee Giving Campaign, facilitated by the First West Foundation. Prior to that, I funneled my contributions to support the United Way.

I support initiatives that “build children”—not just my own, but others in the community as well. They say children are our future, and that’s something I firmly believe. Whether I’m contributing to programs that enable kids to participate in recreational sports teams and activities, or to organizations that provide the most basic needs—food, shelter, a loving home—I focus on opportunities to empower our young ones to become well-adjusted adults. These are the people who will ultimately be taking the reins, and it’s important that we give them support.

I’ve recently directed my payroll contributions towards the Sally O’Sullivan Legacy Fund (SOS Children’s Village B.C.), a wonderful organization that provides homes, a supportive community and programs for children in foster care. My family and I also take the Christmas holidays as an excuse to give to charity, replacing traditional gift giving with charitable donations. Sure, it means one less present under the tree but ultimately the impact is so much more rewarding.

Giving back, whether through time or money, encourages a broader perspective beyond your immediate family to the needs of the greater community. It feels good to know that your contribution is making a difference for someone else who’s in need of extra support. I love donating through our Employee Giving Campaign—by spreading your donation over 26 paydays, it doesn’t have to be hard on the budget! My advice to those who are considering donating? Think about what the impact you want to make. For me, it’s making a difference in the lives of our youngest generations.